Cleaning of Wall Painting

Dreitägiges Seminar in Zusammenarbeit mit Konservatorin Stephanie Bogin M.A.




Day 01:

A.M.: lecture and discussion

01. Introduction and Criteria for the cleaning of wall paintings

02. Assessment of different kind of deposits and the deterioration processes (salts, gypsum, oxalate)

03. Methodology and issues in the cleaning of wall paintings , case study Nagaur

04. The history of restoration in the case of cleaning of wall paintings


P.M.: lecture/ practical session

- experiments with cleaning agents (AmC, AmIIC, BaH, EDTA)

- trying historic recipes and techniques


Day 02:

A.M.: lecture and discussion

05. The techniques of cleaning (mechanical, physical and chemical techniques)

06. Materials for cleaning (solvents, chemicals, complexing agents, enzymes,soaps and surfactants, ion exchange resins)

07. Application materials or supports (compresses/poultices, pastes, gels, adsorbent materials)

08. Prefecture masseurs /intervention layers & hydrophobic barriers


P.M.: practical session

- try different cleaning materials

- the use of Ammonium carbonate, exchange resin, surfactants

- the use and the property of poultices, pastes, gels and absorbent materials

Day 03:

A.M.: lecture and discussion

09. Coatings and their risks of deterioration

10. Removing of synthetic polymers (swab, poultice, microemulsion, vacuum method)

11. Removing of oil, natural resins and wax

12. Other Case studies for the cleaning of wall paintings


P.M.: practical session

- demonstration of the vacuum technique to remove polymers

- using gels, poultices and microemulsion to remove polymers

Zeitraum: seit März 2010

Lehreinrichtung: Universität Padubice, Fakultät der Restaurierung, Studio für Wansmalerei und Sgraffito, Litomysil, Tschechien, Dekan Karol Bayer